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Membership for Universities & Colleges

One of the most prominent networks committed to advancing e-learning and making a lasting, positive impact on society.

Membership for Universities & Colleges

One of the most prominent networks committed to advancing e-learning and making a lasting, positive impact on society.

E-Learning Quality Network (ELQN) is a worldwide association of organizations active in the theory and practice of quality assurance in e-learning. The great majority of its members are educational providers (e.g. universities, business schools, training centers, online education platforms etc.)  that operate in many different ways, although the Network also welcomes (as associate members) other organizations that have an interest in QA in e-learning.

Following the E-Learning Quality Network best practices, based on the accumulated experience throughout the years, a revision of the membership criteria and processes has been undertaken. The current membership criteria and procedures want to ensure the quality, accountability, and responsibilities of the applicants and current members in order to keep instilling trust and credibility among the wider community.

Why is it Important

Obtaining  E-Learning Quality Network (ELQN) membership is crucial for institutions operating in the e-learning domain. Membership signifies a clear commitment to the highest standards of e-learning, ensuring that provided online programs and courses are not just digital, but are also of best quality.

In the rapidly evolving world of online education, having the ELQN badge lends significant trust and credibility. As digital learning spreads across the world, distinguishing an institution’s offerings becomes vital. Moreover, the ELQN’s evolving criteria for membership ensures that institutions remain at the cutting edge, consistently delivering value and enhancing their reputation in the global academic community.

Members Benefits

Our members have exclusive access to benefits ranging from international networking to industry-changing research and insights.

By becoming a member of the E-Learning Quality Network, you position yourself at the forefront of e-learning excellence. Adhering to best practices not only enhances your educational offerings but ensures learners benefit from the highest standards. Our organization supports your journey, offering resources and guidance to help you achieve unparalleled e-learning quality.

Membership Certificate

Valid credential for a period of one year and needs to be renewed.

ELQN Member Logo

Use the ELQN Member Logo on your website and promo material.

Member Listing

Join the network! Alliance members are listed on the ELQN website.

Basic Policies Templates

Access to ELQN's policies and procedures to adopt and/or adapt.

Learning and Events

ELQN and partners offers over lots of learning opportunities & events.

Data & Research

Members have access to a global benchmarking tools and articles.

Access to ELQN helpdesk

Get support from experts
to support with ongoing standard adaptation.

Advertise & Sponsor

Customize a promotional strategy that builds brand awareness.

Membership Criteria

Version 1.17

Dive into the comprehensive criteria set by the E-Learning Quality Network (ELQN). This detailed guide outlines the benchmarks for e-learning excellence and the step-by-step process for membership evaluation. Stay updated with the latest standards and ensure your e-learning initiatives align with the best in the industry. A must-read for institutions striving for top-tier e-learning quality.

Application Process

Stage 1Application Submission

Submit your application alongside evidence showcasing your e-learning practices’ alignment with our standards.

Stage 2Document Review

After we receive your application, our assessors will thoroughly review the documents to ensure your institution meets ELQN core criteria.

Stage 3Corrective Actions

If any nonconformities are identified, you’ll be guided to make the necessary corrections. A successful resolution will pave the way forward.

Stage 4Membership Decision

Once all documentation and corrections are in place, we’ll evaluate everything in depth. Following this, we’ll communicate our final decision.

Stage 5Payment

Navigate through our structured payment procedure, ensuring you’re a step closer to obtaining your membership.

Stage 6Certificate & Registry Inclusion

Upon payment, a certificate will be issued, as well as the institution will be listed in our registry, signifying your dedication to e-learning excellence.

Types of Membership

Associate Member
Your first step in quality compliance
  • Begin your journey with foundational access and insights into e-learning quality standards.
  • - Basic Package of Documents
    - Implementation Assitance
    - Help desk and Support
    - 5 Articles/Events Per Year
    - Associate Member Logos Pack
    - Associate Member Certificate
    - Associate Member Badge
per year
Approved Member
Elevating e-learning quality compliance
  • Demonstrate a commitment to quality with partial e-learning quality standards compliance.
  • - Basic Package of Documents
    - Implementation Assitance
    - Help desk and Support
    - 10 Articles/Events Per Year
    - Approved Member Logos Pack
    - Approved Member Certificate
    - Approved Member Badge
per year
Accredited Member
Excellence in quality compliance
  • Achieve excellence by fully complianing with ELQN e-learning quality standards and best practices.
  • - Basic Package of Documents
    - Implementation Assitance
    - Help desk and Support
    - 25 Articles/Events Per Year
    - Accredited Member Logos Pack
    - Accredited Member Certificate
    - Accredited Member Badge
per year

*Prices listed do not include the application fee of $100. A 30% discount is available for institutions from developing regions. For a list of eligible regions, please refer to the United Nations’ list of developing regions. ELQN is committed to inclusivity and is dedicated to assisting institutions in developing countries. We strive to enhance the quality of services provided, ensuring every institution has the opportunity to thrive.

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ELQN welcomes membership applications from institutions providing online, distance, or blended education. Individual educators (e.g. teachers, trainers, coaches, etc.) can apply for individual membership.

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