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About Us

Welcome to the E-Learning Quality Network (ELQN), the premier hub for e-learning excellence. Founded with a vision to elevate quality of online education, ELQN is a collective of institutions, educators, instructional designers and tech enthusiasts dedicated to fostering quality in the digital learning landscape.

In an era where online education is not just an option but a necessity, ELQN stands as a beacon of quality assurance. We understand that e-learning is not just about content delivery; it’s about creating immersive, interactive, and impactful learning experiences. Our network is built on the pillars of innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement.

We are a collective of e-learning institutions and consultants with extensive experience. Our primary goal is to bring together like-minded institutions and individual professionals to improve the quality of e-learning services globally. By joining our network, you will be able to enhance processes and deliver high-quality services. Check out our video presentation to get to know us better.

E-learning transcends geographical borders, and so does ELQN. With members spread across continents, we stand testament to the universal appeal and necessity of quality online education. No matter where you hail from, if you’re driven by e-learning best practices, your home with us.

Our Primary Focus

Our goal is to relentlessly pursue and define global best practices, provide expert consultations to elevate educational experiences, and equip educators and institutions with robust templates to streamline their digital learning processes. To streamline our processes and to offer a clear pathway, we have established a structured membership hierarchy: AssociateApproved, and Accredited memberships.

Each membership level reflects the degree of adaptation of ELQN criteria. An Affiliate membership signals about foundational alignment. Progressing further, an Approved membership indicates an advanced adaptation, while the final Accredited membership marks comprehensive alignment, signifying top-tier e-learning quality.

Membership for Institutions

E-learning Consulting

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01Benchmarking Best Practices

Dive into our rigorously crafted criteria that set the standard for e-learning. We believe in elevating every member to these benchmarks, fostering an environment of best quality.

02Consulting for Excellence

Harness our expertise to seamlessly adapt and integrate e-learning best practices. Our professionals guide you through every step, ensuring that your institution thrives.

03Research Initiatives

Delve into our comprehensive suite of research tools and resources tailored for online education exploration. Our center ensures e-learning research endeavors.


Elevating e-learning quality worldwide

Promoting quality assurance in the ever-evolving digital learning landscape. Join our journey of innovation now!

Our Research

Explore the latest research on trends, strategies and best practices