Regulations and References


At the E-Learning Quality Network (ELQN), we are committed to ensuring the highest standards of quality and integrity in online education.

Our membership criteria are designed based on a comprehensive set of best practices, regulations, and guidelines from renowned organizations and authoritative sources. This page provides a detailed list of the key references and regulatory documents that underpin our criteria, ensuring transparency and trustworthiness in our processes.

Each section below highlights the foundational references we refere to establish our criteria, offering our members and the public a clear understanding of the rigorous frameworks and practices we follow to maintain excellence in e-learning.

We invite you to explore these resources to better understand the principles that guide us in promoting quality education and supporting our members in delivering exceptional online learning experiences.

Key Regulations and References

Section 1: Management and Staff Resources
Section 2: Digital Information Transparency
Section 3: Certification and Recognition
Section 4: Contracts and Terms of Service
Section 5: Learning Platform and Technology
Section 6: Content Quality
Section 7: Assessment and Feedback
Section 8: Support and Communication
Section 9: Educational Staff Management
Section 10: Data Security and Privacy
Section 11: Cultural Inclusivity and Respect
Section 12: Integrity and Ethics
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