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ELQN members are welcome to share events, contributing to our e-learning journey!

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Welcome to the E-Learning Quality Network (ELQN) event submission portal! As an active member of our community, you have the exclusive opportunity to promote your e-learning events. This platform allows you to reach a broader audience and engage with fellow professionals dedicated to advancing the field of e-learning.

Event Submission Guidelines: To ensure your event is suitable for our audience and meets our network standards, please adhere to the following submission requirements:

  1. Event Relevance: The event should focus on e-learning, educational technology, or related fields.
  2. Event Details: Provide a comprehensive overview of the event, including its purpose, target audience, and key topics or speakers.
  3. Date and Location: Clearly state the date, time (including time zone), and location (physical venue or online platform) of the event.
  4. Registration Process: Include information on how to register, any associated fees, and deadlines for registration.
  5. Organizer Information: Provide details about the organizers, including background and experience in hosting similar events.
  6. Visuals: Include high-quality images or graphics related to the event (with copyright clearance).
  7. Contact Information: Offer a point of contact for potential attendees to inquire about the event.
  8. Non-Promotional: The submission should focus on the event’s educational value rather than commercial promotion.

Additional Considerations:

  • Accessibility: Information on accessibility accommodations (if applicable).
  • Cancellation Policy: Include details on the event’s cancellation or refund policy.
  • Language: Submissions must be in clear, professional English.

For further assistance or to inquire about the status of your submission, please contact us at info@elqn.org. We look forward to showcasing your contributions to the e-learning community and wish you a successful event!

Submission Allowances

  • Associate Members: Up to 5 events per year.
  • Approved Members: Up to 10 events per year.
  • Accredited Members: Up to 25 events per year.

Timeline for Publication

  • The review and publication process for events typically takes between 5-10 business days.
  • You will be notified once your event is live on our platform.

Submit Your Event

Please review all details carefully before submitting.