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The diversity ELQN represents in the e-learning community is one we are proud to support.

Having such a wealth of knowledge and experience in e-learning among our affiliates means we can share ideas, promote best practices, and foster the growth of e-learning professionals.

ELQN relies on its members to provide volunteer leadership and support for its many programs, events, and services. Make the most out of your ELQN membership and volunteer today!

Why You Should Participate

  1. Share your knowledge and expertise: Contribute your unique insights and experiences. Your expertise can help shape best practices and innovative solutions.
  2. Network with fellow e-learning professionals: Build meaningful connections with other professionals in the e-learning industry. Collaborate, exchange ideas, and foster partnerships.
  3. Influence the future of e-learning standards and practices: Play a pivotal role in setting the standards and practices that will define the future of e-learning.
  4. Develop leadership skills: Take on leadership roles within our committees and initiatives. Enhance your ability to lead projects, manage teams, and drive changes.
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How to Participate:

To join a committee, contact our Membership Department at membership[at] Committee sign-ups are open: from September 1 to November 30, 2024 (5PM EST).

Available Committees:

  1. E-Learning Standards Committee: Focuses on developing and maintaining quality standards for e-learning institutions.
  2. Technology Integration Committee: Explores new technologies and their applications in e-learning.
  3. Assessment and Evaluation Committee: Develops methods for assessing the effectiveness of e-learning.
  4. Professional Development Committee: Organizes training and development opportunities for e-learning professionals.
  5. Membership and Outreach Committee: Focuses on growing the ELQN community and engaging members.
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