E-Learning Excellence Award 2024

Celebrating Innovation and Excellence in E-Learning

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“Innovation in education is the bridge to empowering minds across the globe. Let’s celebrate those who dare to build it.”

The E-Learning Excellence Award 2024 celebrates the outstanding work and achievements in e-learning. In today’s world, where learning online is increasingly important, this award aims to highlight and praise the universities, schools, colleges, educators and educational platforms that are at the forefront of creating engaging and effective online education. It’s an opportunity for educational bodies across the globe to show how they’re making a difference in the digital learning space.

With a commitment to fostering transformative change in online education, the E-Learning Excellence Award 2024 is not just an accolade but a way to drive positive change and raise the bar for online education across the globe. We carefully pick our winners through a two-step process, looking for those who lead by example and deliver top-notch online learning experiences.


Award Categories

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Excellence in E-Learning Best Practices

This category recognizes institutions that excel in implementing e-learning solutions, focusing on the adoption of industry best practices, instructional design, content delivery, and the effective use of technology to facilitate learning.

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Excellence in Course Design and Accessibility

This category rewards the development of e-learning courses that are not only innovative and engaging but also accessible to a wide range of learners. It focuses on intuitive course design, adherence to accessibility standards, and the incorporation of diverse learning materials to cater to various learning preferences and needs.

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Excellence in Learner Support and Engagement

Recognizing institutions or educators that excel in creating supportive learning environments online. This includes effective communication, personalized feedback, and fostering a sense of community among students. Entries should demonstrate a commitment to engaging students actively and supporting their educational journey through innovative tools and practices.

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Excellence in Teaching Technology

Honoring those who effectively integrate technology to enhance teaching and learning outcomes. This category looks at how tools, platforms, and digital resources are applied to make learning more interactive, measurable, and personalized. Entries should showcase the innovative use of technology that leads to demonstrable improvements in learner engagement, comprehension, or performance.

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Key Dates

Application Opening:
September 2, 2024

Final Submission Deadline:
December 20, 2024

Notification of Shortlisted Entries:
December 27, 2024

Deadline for Additional Material:
January 24, 2025

Results Announcement:
March 3, 2025

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