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What is the E-Learning Quality Network (ELQN)?

ELQN is a hub dedicated to fostering quality in the digital learning industry. Comprising institutions, educators, instructional designers, tech enthusiasts, and lifelong learners, ELQN focuses on elevating online education standards.

Why is quality assurance in e-learning so important?

As online education becomes increasingly prevalent, ensuring quality content delivery and creating immersive, interactive learning experiences are paramount. Quality assurance guarantees the best possible learning outcome for students.

Why should institutions or educators consider implementing e-learning best practices?

Implementing e-learning best practices ensures a consistent, high-quality learning experience for students. It signifies an institution’s or educator’s commitment to excellence and can position them as a leader in the digital education industry.

Does ELQN provide resources or guidance for institutions new to e-learning?

Yes, irrespective of the membership status, ELQN is committed to offering resources, guidance, and expertise to assist institutions in their e-learning endeavors.

How can I contribute to the ELQN community once I become a member?

As a member, you can participate in community discussions, collaborate with peers, share insights, and access exclusive resources. Your active engagement will contribute to the continuous improvement and growth of the e-learning community.

How can I apply for ELQN membership?

The application process involves form submission, account creation, evaluation by our assessors, nonconformity improvements, and finalizing your membership tier. The entire process may take between 5 to 20 business days. In order to apply please use the following links:

  1. Institutional Application Form
  2. Individual Application Form
What if some criteria in the application don’t apply to me or my institution or I don’t meet the criteria?

If certain fields don’t apply or meet our criteria, submit your form anyway. After the submission, we’ll guide you on making necessary improvements.

How will I know the status of my application?

After submitting your application, we will create an account for you. Any updates, clarifications, or actions needed will be communicated via notes in your personal account.

What are the different membership tiers at ELQN?

ELQN offers three membership tiers: Associate, Approved, and Accredited. Each tier reflects the degree of adaptation of ELQN criteria and standards within an institution or by an individual educator.

What do 'Affiliate Member', 'Approved Member', and 'Accredited Member' mean?

1. The Associate membership is an invitation to e-learning excellence, offering a basic alignment with our rigorous standards. Ideal for institutions or individuals taking their initial steps towards online education quality assurance.

2. With the Approved membership you elevate your e-learning quality . This tier signifies an institution’s or individuals’s advanced alignment with ELQN criteria, marking a significant stride towards comprehensive e-learning excellence.

3. The Accredited membership means you achieve pinnacle excellence in e-learning. This top-tier membership showcases your institution’s or individual’s unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled online education, reflecting comprehensive alignment with all of ELQN’s criteria and standards.