Associate Membership (Individual)


This product can only be purchased by applicants or existing members. To become eligible, please fill out the application form or reach out to our support team. If you're already a member, please log in to gain access.


This is a membership product. You are permitted to purchase it only after receiving confirmation from the ELQN committee. Please ensure you select the appropriate membership type before proceeding with your purchase.

Embark on your e-learning excellence journey with ELQN’s foundational tier. The Associate membership is tailored for professionals seeking initial alignment with our acclaimed criteria. It marks the start of your commitment to the elevation of online educational practices.


  • Familiarize yourself with ELQN’s foundational e-learning criteria and standards.
  • Access to introductory resources and guidelines designed for individual professionals.
  • Become a part of a thriving community of e-learning aficionados.
  • Recognition for your dedication to enhancing personal online teaching methodologies.

Who’s it for?
E-learning professionals and enthusiasts taking their first steps towards alignment with ELQN’s criteria.